Having good etiquette at the workplace is extremely important apart from talent and qualifications to be a favorite in your office. However, it has been observed that many, young as well as middle aged professionals, are not aware of the workplace etiquette guidelines and this creates a very bad impression in the office. The workplace etiquette tips mentioned in the next few paragraphs will help you to maintain a professional appearance.

Among all the workplace etiquette guidelines, the most important is to be punctual to your office. Though going late due to an emergency is okay, habitual late comers are never appreciated in any organization. By arriving at your office on time, you show that you are aware of your responsibilities and have respect for the organization. In case you feel that you would be late, then calling the concerned authority and reporting the matter to him would be a good business etiquette in the workplace. More on workplace ethics.

The workplace etiquette guidelines for behavior in the office are many. Many times, you will have to communicate with the co-workers of your office working at another location or your clients located in any part of the world. In such instances, a proper knowledge of the workplace email etiquette is a must. In the official e-mails, you need to clearly mention the subject and be concise. While at the same time include all the important details which are to be shared. You should use good and grammatically correct language while writing e-mails. Always use correct and relevant recipients – e.g. ‘reply all’ or mass mailing should be used sparingly and only when absolutely necessary.

A knowledge of telephone etiquette in the workplace is very essential as we all have to speak on the telephone at some point during our daily work. While talking to your managers or colleagues on the telephone, be polite and listen to what they are saying carefully. Only then should you say what you feel. Speak in a voice which would be heard clearly at the other end as any wrong interpretation of information can cause big blunders in the office.

The workplace etiquette guidelines are important even while you are dining or celebrating with your coworkers. If you get a call in between, then seek the permission of the others by saying excuse me and then receive the call. Do not talk loudly while eating. Be very careful while interacting with the other employees and especially with female employees. Greet people well and try to make them feel comfortable while being in your company. You should remember that your behavior and manners are under observation and this can play a very vital role in your promotions and increments. Any company would always want decent, well behaved and smart people to occupy the topmost positions and guide the company towards the set targets. So, any kind of misbehavior can destroy your advancement prospects to a great extent. Following a dress code for the office is a good practice.

One of the most important of all the workplace etiquette guidelines is to avoid indulging in activities such as bad mouthing fellow workers or even the company you work for in front of others or gossiping. You should be mature enough to understand that in an organization, everyone is given an equal opportunity to excel in his/her work and office politics will help you in no way to get ahead.

The only way of achieving what you wish, is to deliver better performances every time you get an opportunity. Try to complete your targets in the time allotted to you and be assured of getting good returns for your hard work.