Thursday this week is May 1st, the day called May Day around the world. It is both a day for celebrating spring, as in dances around the maypole and a day for celebrating workers and their accomplishments.

I have not brought a pole and ribbons so that we can have a maypole dance, so, instead we will look upon the day as a day for recognizing the people that work with us. Thank you for choosing to work through our company. We know that you have a choice in which company you have as an employer and we are glad that you have chosen to give us the opportunity to earn your loyalty.

Each week this space is filled with, hopefully, articles designed to help make you a more successful part of our team and of the teams that you work within at the client location. We always welcome your feedback and participation. We choose to believe that everyone that works with us has the essential blend of honesty, integrity, industriousness, and honor that makes for a great person and therefore a great employee.

 Thank You


For being part of our company and for letting us rest a good part of our reputation on your skills and your hard work.