It’s been a roller-coaster of a first year for me as President of NWCS. We’ve had new faces join us as well as having to say goodbye to old friends; we’ve also added new clients, while old ones have downsized. On the whole, I think we have weathered the year well – we implemented new benefits such as education reimbursement; paid time off; and coming in the New Year, a new and improved 401k savings plan.

Personally and professionally, I have much to be thankful for; this job has been every bit as challenging and exciting as I expected. I enjoy it very much and I particularly enjoy my interactions with you. However, because you are all so spread out in different locations and I don’t get to see each of you regularly, I want to express a few thoughts in this final newsletter of 2014:

Thank you…” We get so wrapped up in the process of managing a business, dealing with the requirements of our customers and trying to find the people we need to meet our customers’ needs that we overlook doing the most basic of things… like saying thank you.

I know very well that you have a choice in terms of employers. Since we do not impose a non-compete on you in our contracts, you are always free to choose to leave and go elsewhere. I appreciate the fact that you choose to work with Northwest Contract Services. Additionally, I thank you for being professional in your work performance and responsible in the tasks that you take on. I thank you for getting your timesheets in on a timely basis. I thank you for being the interesting, smart, capable people that you are each day. I thank you for helping to build our company’s reputation.

I’m amazed by the things you can do…” Though I am an Engineer by training – it’s been a while since I’ve ‘practiced’. I cannot do any of the things that all of you do each and every week… not even the easy stuff, to say nothing of the amazing things that you accomplish when you really put your minds to work.

I care about the things that bother you…” The fact that the person sitting next to you in the lab talks too loud and bores you with his/her long stories; The fact that your child is ill; The fact that you are worried about how much longer your current project will last. The fact that your computer blue screens once in a while; I care about the fact that these things are in your life, but I can’t always do anything about those issues. I am willing to listen and to do what I can to help.

I’m sorry you feel let down…” Growing the company is a process that I undertook as much for your benefit as for my own. We do not see our employees as temporary employees. I like to believe that we have a mutually beneficial relationship and that everyone will be with us for years to come. Believing this, I want to be sure that we have as many doors open to us as possible so that we can be sure that we can find new work for you when your current assignment ends. The more clients and groups we have open and the more people we have working with us who are keeping their eyes open for new requirements, the safer and more secure all of our employees can be. The bigger our group, the better the rates we can get on your employee benefits. The bigger the group the more our client’s managers feel that trusting a NWCS employee with the work will assure that it is done well.

We have had to grow, and at the same time undergo some contractions. That growth has changed some of the things that those of us who have been here for a long time have liked best about our company. This growth, however, has allowed us to expand our benefits and be a better employer. My promise to you is that we will strive harder at making ourselves available to you, so that we can together keep NWCS a good place to work, and while not the close family we used to be, we can be an extended family that helps each other to find success.

Thanks again and my sincerest wishes to you all for a safe and happy holiday season.