A reminder of our most important long-standing requirements with regards to confidential information and protection of our clients’ information. Our jobs and livelihoods depend on safeguarding this information. Our clients and by extension, all of us, operate in a competitive business environment so it is very likely that the wrong thing spoken or written about in the wrong place at the wrong time will have serious negative impact on new products coming out or in the development. To help ensure their competitive advantages, and our success, every one of us has a responsibility to protect any and all client confidential information.

When each of you came to work for us, you signed a non-disclosure agreement; you also signed an NDA with NWCS and our client.  It’s very important that you review these agreements and that you do all that is possible to protect the information and knowledge that you gain while working with our clients.

Many of you who have worked in the Aerospace and Medical regulated environments are aware of “need-to-know”.  When discussing or transmitting client information/projects at work, be aware of the parties involved and whether or not they are ‘authorized’ to receive such information—it doesn’t matter the color of their badge, if in doubt ask your supervisor. They will appreciate your efforts at protecting the security of their data.

Any information, regardless if it is well known or not in the public sphere, as long as our Client has not authorized its release by you, is considered confidential.