1. Do not apply to a company multiple times if the positions do not match your experience and skills. Recruiters notice multiple submissions, and it reflects poorly on a candidate if he or she applies for jobs that aren’t a good fit.

2. Include a professional or executive summary at the resume top, followed by a list of bulleted qualifications and/or achievements.

3. Customize the professional/executive summary and bulleted list(s) with keywords that match a given job.

4. Make sure the keywords in the executive summary and bulleted qualifications and achievements replicate those in the job posting.

5. Keywords alone aren’t enough. Frame keywords with descriptive material that demonstrates experience and familiarity with the subject.

6. Do not use abbreviations such as “Mgr” instead of “Manager.

7. Avoid misspellings.

8. Use standard capitalization, not all lowercase or full capitals. Improper capitalization annoys recruiters.

9. Provide all the information requested by the job posting, even if it’s listed as optional. Recruiters often sort by optional information to filter out applicants, and filling in all fields will ensure you don’t erroneously get caught in a screening filter.

10. Make sure your resume is in a clear, concise format, with your contact information located at the top instead of in the header or footer.

11. Do not include graphics or logos on a resume

12. Adhere to instructions provided in follow-up e-mail. If the follow-up e-mail lacks a phone number but directs you to respond with your availability, respond via e-mail, not by calling. This will likely get you the fastest response.

13. If you receive an automatically generated rejection e-mail, immediately contact the recruitment office of the rejecting organization or a sympathetic administrative assistant — anyone who can advise you as to the best way to replace the resume currently in the ATS with one containing better keywords and phrases.

14. When reapplying after an initial rejection, tweak executive summaries and bulleted lists of key skills and achievements. Don’t alter your work history elements.

15. Once your customized resume has been resubmitted, contact the appropriate recruiter (or sympathetic administrative assistant) and request that your updated resume be reviewed for the open position