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705, 2014


Civility in the Workplace Barbara Richman The workplace is a reflection of society at large. Today, we see a gamut of behaviors that demonstrate a lack of respect and civility, both inside and outside the workplace. Studies and polls indicate that

105, 2014


Thursday this week is May 1st, the day called May Day around the world. It is both a day for celebrating spring, as in dances around the maypole and a day for celebrating workers and their accomplishments. I have not brought

2104, 2014

Ten Phrases You Should Refrain From

“It’s not fair.” She got a raise, you didn’t. He was recognized, you weren’t. “Some people have food to eat while others starve. Injustices happen on the job and in the world every day. Whether it’s a troubling issue at work

1604, 2014

Our Business is Customer Satisfaction

Every week, as you leave the meeting, you hear us say, “Keep your boss happy.”  The simple reason why we say that and why we want you to hear it is…  the success we enjoy as a  company is born of

204, 2014

Best Career Advice Ever

(K.Hedges,  The reality is that a whole lot of career stuff is situational. What works for one person, or in one company, doesn’t do so well elsewhere. That said, there are a few, consistent pieces of advice that hold up

1803, 2014

Getting What You Want in Life

Benjamin Franklin was a man of action. Over his lifetime, his curiosity and passion fueled a diverse range of interests. He was a writer (often using a pseudonym), publisher, diplomat, inventor and one of the Founding Fathers of the United States.