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1001, 2020

Confidentiality and Security

Many of you are aware of the heightened awareness and ever-increasing reminders with regards to confidential information and protection of that information, by our various clients. They, and by extension, all of us, operate in a competitive business environment so it

1111, 2019

With Gratitude on this Veterans Day

On this day, we honor all current and former members of the Armed Services. Our country's greatness is built on the foundation of your courage and sacrifice. Those who live in freedom will always be grateful to those who helped preserve

608, 2019

All NWCS Employees: Required Supplier Code of Conduct Training

In addition to the onboarding/pre-access training policy managed by our client, Microsoft, NWCS is accountable to train all employees and agents working on Microsoft matters on an annual basis.  A Supplier version of the Microsoft SCoC Training is available to help

2606, 2019

Birth of the Microelectronic Era: June 30, 1948

Originally designed to create improvements to electro-mechanical relays and vacuum tubes in telephone switching equipment, Bell Labs holds a press conference in New York to publicly demonstrate the first point-contact transistor. The transistor represents a significant advance in technology. As it

2811, 2018

Non-Compete Agreements

Re: Article below, from 'Geekwire', November 27, 2018. Better yet, how about NO non-competes. NW Contract Services does NOT impose these types of restrictive covenants in our agreements with employees/contractors. The Washington state legislature plans to take up one of the

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