NWCS supports employees who wish to continue their education to secure increased responsibility and growth within their professional careers. In keeping with this philosophy, we have established a reimbursement program for expenses incurred through approved institutions of learning. If you are a full-time regular employee (work 30 or more hours a week) and have completed 90 days of full-time employment, you are eligible for participation in this program as long as the courses are job-related and as long as you maintain full and satisfactory employment.

The company will reimburse up to a maximum of $1,500.00 per calendar year incurred by an employee for continuing education through an accredited program that either offers growth in an area related to his or her current position and/or may be required by the employee’s client supervisor. This can include college credit courses, continuing education unit courses, seminars and certification tests. You must secure a passing grade of “B” or its equivalent or obtain a certification to receive any reimbursement.

For details please refer to your employee handbook, a copy which can be downloaded from

www.nwcontract.com/employees .