While COVID has been a challenge for us all, there have been some bright spots. We have done our best to lean into the changes. Projects continued in new ways. New opportunities were created. And we discovered ways to improve how we work with our own team, and our customer teams.

More Connections

NWCS experienced a happy surprise in this past volatile year – learning to work remotely got us in touch with more people than ever. We made more new customer contacts in 2020 than ever before.

Most businesses working from home meant our networking efforts cut quickly past normal channels and straight to the top decision-makers. “People had to accept doing business in a new fashion, and our response was ‘let’s buckle up and go!’” said Aga Zillen, Business Development Manager.
Working Remote
With much of our company working from home, we improved our ability to handle entire projects remotely. We have always supported remote projects. Since much of our work involves custom hardware/software, that can pose some challenges. Improved VPN and other cloud tools have enabled us to support better remote hardware interaction. At the same time clients expanded their understanding that a high quality, customer-focused engineering service can be provided virtually.

Customized services mean that NWCS can help clients in a variety of ways – software and hardware testing, product development, and more — but explaining our expertise is a critical piece. “We can be the special forces for them, integrating with their team, delivering, then stepping back,” said Gabe Valentin, President.

​Silver lining or business technology acceleration, however you look at it, the end results of this year bode well for a highly productive (and virtual) 2021, for NWCS and our clients.