Northwest Contract Services is the electronics industry’s best choice for meeting just in time needs for intellectual resources in all disciplines related to the design, testing and production of consumer, medical, and avionics products.

Our company delivers the talent you need, when you need it, and at a price that works for both your budget and ours. We maintain contact with many of the brightest minds in your industry and  through patience, relentless networking and a reputation for honesty, we have  established our company as the premier source for exciting and challenging  work with our industry leading clients.  Contact Us today to meet the talent.

Our Clients

Northwest Contract Services has clients that are among the best known names in the technology world as well as clients that are still small growing companies whose reputations are still developing. We concentrate our efforts on projects where we believe that our employees can effectively contribute to the client’s success.

Our employees have contributed to virtually every hardware product produced by Microsoft, including Microsoft Routers, Microsoft Keyboards and Mice, Surface tablet, Xbox, all Xbox accessories, Windows Phone, Kinect, HoloLens, and projects that are still being developed in secret. The people that we have brought to Astronics-AES, CONNX , Omnilectric, Denco Designs, Neurovista and Pace have all contributed strongly to these growing enterprises . Additionally, our people have made their mark at Winshuttle, MicroConnex and other companies during just the last five years.

The size of your company is much less important to us than the size of your dream. Northwest Contract Services works with our clients to help them make their dreams a reality.

What Clients Say

“The resources that you have brought to our team have made a world of difference”


“Your people always meet or exceed our expectations”


“I can always count on you guys”


“Congratulations, we are making your company a preferred vendor”


At Northwest Contract Services we measure our success in terms of the success that we help our client companies attain.

If your company wants to join our family of satisfied clients contact us today. If you are looking for your next career move and can deliver this level of satisfaction, send us your resume or call us today.