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909, 2014

Workplace Values

In addition to relevant skills, employers seek employees who have the personal values, characteristics, and personality traits that spell success. Good personal values are what makes the foundation for employ-ability. Strong Work Ethic Employers value employees who understand and possess a

1106, 2014

Smart People – Dumb Mistakes

 The 8 Dumbest Career-Ending Mistakes That Smart People Make  (   1. They assume their past success will continue in the future on new projects.  There’s an arrogance that can take hold in really smart people over time.  They’re used to being

506, 2014

New Benefit – PTO

Accrued Paid Time Off – effective July 1, 2014 Earlier this year, we introduced a new employee benefit program (Education Reimbursement). It has been very well received, with many of you already having taken advantage of it. We now announce a

2805, 2014

Why You Should Make Your Boss Look Good

The typical employee is probably more focused on doing whatever's necessary to stay employed. Not showing up late, getting all your work done, bringing new ideas to the table and not making any major errors. Basically, not giving your boss a

1205, 2014

Benefits Review and Pizza Party

Save the date: June 17th, 2014; 5:30pm – Pizza dinner in Redmond - Review our Dental/Medical, LTD, Life insurance plans and required re-up documents. - Please RSVP, so we can plan for enough food/drinks for everyone. Round Table Pizza: 15025 NE 24th

1205, 2014

Taking Time Off

Taking Time Off  If you wish to take time off summer for vacations, family events, elective facial enhancement surgery or for whatever reason, you should be sure to PLAN well in advance. Many product cycles begin to surge in the summer,